Essays and Poetry


2006 Kay Snow Award – Honorable Mention – Non-Fiction:
“Reunion” (click for text)



Feeling free from the trap
I didn’t know I was in.

It is I who sets the boundaries
that keep me safe;
that is not the job of others.

It is I who doesn’t reject myself;
that is not within the power of others.

It is I who knows her own beauty;
It is not for other to be my mirror.


sometimes God feels too big for my body
and all I can do is weep with fullness.

at other times, like tonight –
this dark, cold, desolate, interior
middle-of-the-night –
all I can do is feel His absence;
feel my sharp, aching emptiness.

I know He’s here someplace.
there is only a membrane
separating us.

but oh what a membrane
which not even Grace herself
can ease through.


the love we live out
is more about us
than the Other.

while it seems
only the Other
can make us feel
the yearning
the attachment
the desire
the “love”
the transcendence
it is really our
insides that
project themselves out.
not the other way around.
not the outside/Other
filling up
our empty places inside.

so beware [be aware]
if your taste in love
runs to tragic love stories
or impossible loves.
because that
is what you will find
living in a movie
of your own


your acts of kindness
over the decades
have not gone unnoticed
by me,
have not been wasted
on me.

it’s “just” that
I couldn’t open them up
I couldn’t receive them
in their fullness
or their entirety.
they were too dazzling
for the person
that I was
that I used to be
to take in.

it is so deceptively
difficult to
it seems
to take
a lifetime’s learning.

through our
many shipwrecks
we are now
finding the treasures
that have sunk
to the bottom of the sea

My desire:
Our daily lives
to be
poetry in action
be it mundane
or transcendental.
finding the profundity
in the mundane,
the sacred in the quotidian.


you have
so patiently.

did you feel
the seeds of our future
in our past?

i feel endless gratitude
for the subconscious vision
that moved you
to stay
through the long barren eras
in the desert
where the rains have come
and the 100-year old sleeping flowers
are now blooming.

i find myself tamed
at this mid-point of my life.
the spirit that seemed so wild
was really only
seduced by illusion.

i find myself
before my own life

i could have missed
the beauty and depth
that has lived along side of me
all this time


feeling the edges of lonesome tonight
not a deep dark sharp anxious abyss
anymore – at least not now, not for tonight.
it is soft and yielding and sad.
it lets me know i have kinship
with so many alive
right now
united by this feeling.

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