JoyFosster “For many years I have been on both sides of the “therapist’s couch,” and I can definitely say Marla Estes ranks right at the top.  She has an integrity that is apparent in all her work.  She is genuine, consciously aware, and very compassionately spoken.  Her groups are non-threatening, yet extremely transforming.  I feel very fortunate to have benefitted greatly from Marla’s expertise.” ~ Joy Fosster, Ashland, OR


JackLeishman“This workshop was one of the best one day-ers that I’ve ever been to; your attention to detail and all the layers and levels of working with shadow, both personal and collective, was superb.” ~ Jack Leishman, Ashland, OR


Earl Showerman

“Marla’s classes at OLLI are wildly popular, thematically-organized explorations of human relationships through film.   Her cinematic choices are eclectic, but time after time her audience is moved by the narrative and animated discussions, which often compass poetry, archetypal psychology, history, and  humor.   For film lovers, it doesn’t get much better.” ~ Earl Showerman, M.D.


PattyFarrell“I have been taking Marla’s workshops for close to 8 years now.  Some were just for one night, several were weekend workshops and others went on for half a year. Marla creates a safe container, so that in each instance I and the other participants knew that Marla accepted us and where we were coming from in that moment of time.  In the classes there were no have-to’s, there were no wrongs, everyone, no matter what, was accepted and appreciated. But most of all just “seen” for who they were and where they were in their own process.  Marla truly believes and has great respect for the process of growth and self understanding, and that the process is ours and ours alone, and we get to decide on how deep to go and what to reveal all along the way.  Marla is a master facilitator and also a fabulous cheerleader for all of us just trying to figure out this human experience!  Take a class or workshop you will not be disappointed!”Patty Farrell


Greg Jemsek“Marla, your capacity to give evocative, perspective-changing workshops is a testimony to many things:  your generous spirit, open-hearted responsiveness, and your passion about using the study of film as a means to open all of us up to a broader understanding not only of our own nature and of human nature generally – a rare gift.  I always leave your workshops with something new and useful I can apply in my life.  Thank you, and keep going!”~ Greg Jemsek, Leadership Coach and Author


Delaine Due“Marla is extremely skilled in a gentle strength approach to personal growth and insight. She teaches with grace and utmost consciousness on a variety of juicy topics, some that much of our culture and society would rather we not explore. This allows us the space to look at hidden pieces of ourselves with support, kindness, and healthy humor.” ~ Delaine Due


Anna-Loeffler“Marla Estes has changed my life and helped me to grow by examining my life, I can not thank her enough for the changes I have made. Her classes are comfortable to be in and she is warm and loving. If you get a chance challenge yourself and take one of her classes. What is said about not being able to change others only being able to change ourselves is so true, do something nice for yourself, go to one of her classes, you will not be sorry you did. Most classes include a film, this is something I love and it makes it easy to reflect and examine. She has a skill and a god given talent of knowing what film will apply. Being a movie buff myself I can say, it has changed the way I watch a movie to include a more awakened, impactive and person examination as I watch. Thank you Marla, you have found your calling and you are living it. You are an walking example of this human experience.” ~ Anna Loeffler

“Marla’s work is both transcendental and practical, profound and down to earth.” ~ S.L. Ashland, Oregon

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